Saturday, September 20, 2014

PROJECT - OG Mini Doll House

Let's get REAL for a second. Doll houses can be tricky, especially for those of us who :
  • find it challenging to build one
  • lack space
  • lack motivation or inspiration
Currently the above list describes Moi!

My house is over run with doll rooms and houses. I can't possibly squeeze in another dollhouse somewhere and I lack the motivation to construct one from either a kit or cardboard or foam board.

It's fall and the weather is cooling down and for me that means LAZINESS has set in LOL. My OG minis need a home!!! What to do????

First let me say hello to a loyal Snickerdoodle Street reader - Autumn! She is in the midst of moving and hopes to convert pre-existing shelving into a doll house for her six AG minis. Autumn this post is (hopefully) going to motivate you. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing my BOOKCASE Doll House project.

You have seen Barbie and Skipper's rooms, Ken's Bachelor Pad and the first stages of the Barbie Living area.

Here is the space I have allocated for my new OG minis!!!

I am using the OG boxes for beds. You'll note there are only four beds. I'll be making this doll room for Kendra, Holly, Sienna and Lana. Sadie is Candace's doll and Ayla is Saige's doll and they will live with the big girls.

 I'm considering making a desk for the room.

 Wallpaper choices can be tricky. I'd like to have printed walls with solid bedding.

 I'm not sure if I'll choose geometric or floral prints.

I love using felt, I'm debating whether to use it for blankets with solid coverlets/duvets on top.

I like the OG colors - yellow, pink, purple and red, but depending on wall treatments I may opt for other colors.

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  1. I really lack space for a dollhouse too! I have made my mini's a bunk bed though and they sleep either their or with the girlies. (big girls)
    Also, totally unrelated... OMG! I have that same pillow in the 7th photo!