Behind the Scenes -The Dolls

Currently the mini dolls reside in a three story historic home located in a sleepy little town. The house is a work in progress, renovations are slow going and this lends to some tension inside the house. On the upper floors are four bedrooms and one main bathroom. 

Kit's bedroom is in the attic space.

The bathroom in the attic separates Kit's room from Addy & Kirsten's Bedroom.

(Queen Bee) Samantha has the large bedroom on the second floor. 

Molly has her own bedroom across the hall.

PC Josefina doesn't currently have her own room.

Downstairs the dolls share the common living spaces which include the kitchen, dining area and parlor, front porch and a powder room.

Each mini story will be easy to recognize because it will have * * enclosing it's title.

Watch as the neighborhood grows! 

Expect to see the AG minis. However I'll bet that soon you will grow fond of reading about the other middies and minis. Look for tutorials, photo stories, and craft ideas because like me, YOU own dolls that are 4" up to 18" tall.