Tuesday, May 26, 2015

*Opening* Mini Samantha's Special Day Dress

I put in my order with Auntie Robin as soon as I got Samantha's Special Day Dress from AG.

Today is Samantha's birthday!

Sweet drop waist dress with lace details!

Three snap closure reveal an open back for easy dressing.

As always EXCEPTIONAL work! Thank you Auntie Robin. I LOVE this dress!


Gazebo Makeover - Samantha's Mini Garden Gazebo

Liberty Towne Park has it's own gazebo. With Samantha's newly released garden gazebo, our original gazebo got a makeover.

It was already painted white and had a wooden floor, all that was needed was a fresh coat of paint on the roof. It was completed in time for Samantha's birthday!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Retro Barbie & Skipper Guide Sheets (Printables)


*NEWS* 2015 SuperStar Forever Series - By Robert Best

My lucky find - Golden Dreams Barbie.

1983 Dream Date Barbie and 1981 Golden Dreams Barbie styled by Robert Best are set to re-release this year!


*Review* SuperStar Barbie 2009

Who doesn't love SuperStar Barbie?? She 's an icon! Unfortunately I don't have the original 1977 version (I wish!), this is the 2009 version. She is fabulous!


She has diamond earrings, a matching pendant  and ring.

Fabulous shoes with *STAR* details ( of course!).

Line eye brows and signature blue shadow (love) and those frosted pink lips....

Glad to be free of her packaging, Barbie is suntanned and platinum blond. Her hot pink mini dress is cute, cute, cute and comes with a removable netted wrap!

Her hair has factory hairspray in front; the back was loose. It is going to require some styling.

She looks picture perfect! (As usual)

The Fashion Avenue robe set is 1995 and included a hair brush.

Now to find her a date.....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Barbie Fashion Avenue Booklet 1995

I got this Barbie robe from my friend Shelly when she was downsizing her collection. It came with a booklet of fashions. My how Barbie has changed over the years!

Any favorite looks??