Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

*REVIEW* LORI by OG - Ballet Studio + Video

Lori by OG Ballet Studio

The Lori Ballet Studio arrived!  It is awesome!
Items that come with the studio: 4 doll holders to attached to the bar so the minis can stay in position and chalk for the blackboard.

Isabelle plays the piano. Minis are practicing their routines and are held to the bar with the holders.

Studio clock.

Front of studio is all white.

When the inside lights turn on so do the outside lights.

Inside lights.


Note:  The piano is adorable, the top opens up like a real piano and is very detailed.  Also pushing down on the foot pedals allow music to start playing.  It is classical music.

My only suggestion to OG is I wish it would fold up to be easier to store when not in use.  It does take up space, but it is one of my favorite pieces in the collection.


Monday, September 7, 2015

*Review* LORI Go Everywhere Convertible + Glamper

Well I am officially hooked on the minis!  The Lori car arrived and it is awesome.  Four minis fit in perfectly, plus a dog on their lap.  The radio is great but only has one volume selection, no way of controlling the volume. Both side doors open. 

The car pulls the trailer, but the hitch is not as functional as it could be.  

A view from the rear

The stick shift is actually the on/off switch.  Push it forward and it turns on the radio.

A view of the dashboard.  The little buttons serve as the selections. The middle button goes from FM to AM and AM to FM.  the end button allows you to move through the radio stations that are available in your area.

Note:  The trailer's weight does not allow the hitch to stay up allowing for the car to pull it smoothly. It still pulls it but the front of the trailer sits on the floor. I need to look for a clamp to use around the hitch to resolve this issue.

Definitely, I recommend this for girls 8+ and up.


LORI - Go Everywhere Convertible Car

LORI continues to show up in Target stores nationwide. Here is a close up of the convertible. Madelon is on the east coast and from what I understand Atlanta is getting these little cars in right now too.

I'm in northern Texas, no cars at my stores yet, but Maxine has found the car in Houston.

For those of you who want a second vehicle or more affordable car, this $5.00 car is at Walmart.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

*UPDATE NEWS* LORI - Showing Up in Stores!

 Maxine found everything in a store in Houston!

Kristyn was able to buy the ballet studio at her store!

Check you local store! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Maryellen Moves In!!

 Maryellen is excited to be moving in with Molly in the blue house!

She climbs the stairs to see her scond floor bedroom.
"At least there is some furniture!"

Maryellen likes the wallpaper.

"Maryellen!" Molly calls from downstairs.
"I'll be right there...." says Maryellen putting on her sweater.

"Great news! Samantha says your bed is being delivered today!" Molly explains.

"Oh wonderful!"

*Review* BeForever Mini Josefina

I love her!!
She is gorgeous!

I bought her the same day I got ME.
Both at Barnes and Noble.

Look how SHINY her hair is!

You can see the height difference between the Pleasant Company glass eyed doll compared to the 2015 BF mini.

 I have to admit, the new BF mini Josefina is probably my favorite BF mini doll. She was worth the wait. I will have to begin making items from her collection.