Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*REVIEW* Mini GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas

I was so surprised (and blessed) when I discovered that dear sweet friends of mine, Jenna and her daughter Mollie, gifted mini Grace to me and had her shipped directly to Snickerdoodle Street! Thank you girls so much for the wonderful gift of mini Grace. ((hugs))

Let me say mini Grace is adorable! Her hair is lush and shiny with a cute teeny tiny braid!!.

The outfit is super duper cute, and the boots are my favorite part!! Her freckles are similar to Saige's and those eyes are bright and blue!

Here's a look at the new colored box.

I will be making over the bakery permanently and hope to have it completely done by Valentine's Day. The upper level will become her bedroom, and I'll give the interior and exterior new paint. Luckily the roof is already gray so that saved a step.

Welcome Grace to Snickerdoodle Street.
Thank you Jenna and Mollie!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

*Reader Photos* Mini Grace

 Look at how cute Maria's mini Grace is!

 "I dug out this old generic Barbie sized hot dog cart to display with her and I replaced the snack food that came with the cart with “eraser” food pastries.  The cart is a little big, but it sort of works!  The dog is just the right size for her though!"

Mini Grace's French Bulldog - Resource

Maria has purchased a mini French bulldog for her mini Grace. However we are still waiting for mini Grace to arrive, (today hopefully).

She sends the Amazon link for the bulldog. This is such an adorable idea.

I know Michael's has small animals and you might consider a parrot for mini Cecile or a racoon for mini Kirsten.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

GOTY 2015 Grace's Mini La Patisserie

I made a few changes to the bakery in honor of Grace. Currently the upper level is storage, but may become Grace's bedroom.

I "papered" the walls in bright aqua and used white furniture pieces.

I added a sink and an oven; the backdrop is Chelsea's.

The display table serves as an island and is LOADED with goodies. You can begin making mini Grace some food items too!
Fruit pies
Bakery hutch
Birthday cake

There are more treats on the side table and a wedding cake is prominently displayed in the corner by the window.

I didn't want to paint the trim or the door red because this is a revamped version of Snickerdoodle Street Bakery. I may decide to go through with a complete makeover at a later date.

Chelsea and Madison stop by the Bakery to see if they can get a glimpse inside.

 "Oh no, she's not in there!"

"What do you think she looks like?" Asks Madison.

 "I heard she has dark hair like you."

 "What can you see??? Anything? Anybody?" Kit asks.

"No, just lots of food." Ruthie replies. "She's been busy baking."

"I'll bet she's upstairs. I was hoping for an interview!" 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saying Good-Bye + NEW BLOG HEADER!

Saying good-bye is never easy. I thought long and hard about the fate of Snickerdoodle Street. It's been fun and challenging. I have found that there were MORE mini dolls in the doll world than I ever thought or heard about. I also discovered that not everyone enjoys the play value of mini sized dolls.

Barbie is a cultural icon and VIP to many doll collectors and to this blog. Even though her journey has gone a little off path from time to time, Barbie will always be VIP.

What's challenging about smaller scale dolls are their "worlds". Finding items or making items that in the full size 15" - 22" doll world we find so easy to obtain. You would think such small worlds would be easier to contain and manage, but in my experience it just isn't the case. There are countless small sized pieces (donuts, forks, socks, eye glasses, books) that can be easily lost or fall perilously in a trash bin unknown. 

At it's busiest Snickerdoodle Street had five main structures with eleven smaller structures sustaining Liberty Towne. Space was becoming a serious issue.

Rest assured the AG minis - Molly, Kit, Samantha, Nellie, Kirsten, Felicity, Saige, Nicki and Isabelle will reside in their homes. Nurse Katherine will live with 18" Molly in her bedroom, while the OG minis will live displayed on their shelf.

Mini Grace will be debuting Jan. 1st, and I will leave TWO posts open - Jan. 1 and 2 - for her review. Then Snickerdoodle Street will be taking a break. Any NEW and immediate mini doll news will be updated on LADL, however I have decided to make QUARTERLY posts and updates on what my AG minis and Barbies are doing. You can check back or sign up for email updates to stay connected.

My gift to Snickerdoodle Street loyal readers is a new blog header!

Meanwhile, as promised Snickerdoodle Street will leave a street light on for those of you who happen to stroll by and want to pay Liberty Towne a visit.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

OG Mini & BF Rebecca - Comparison

Mini Rebecca and mini Sienna side by side show us the differences between the AG and OG minis.

They have the same coloring.

They can wear each others clothing easily. I think Rebecca looks adorable in modern clothes!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

AG GOTY 2014 Isabelle & BEFOREVER Julie - Comparison

How cute are these two girls??

Here is a quick comparison between BF Julie and GOTY 2014  Isabelle.

Look at the differences in size of the paper back books!

Because of the knit fabric Izzy can wear Julie's clothes pretty easy, while Isabelle's t-shirt is very loose on Julie. 
Both look like sisters or BFFs.