Friday, November 2, 2018

*NEWS* Stock List Updates - A Girl for All Time

Bex and Elinor arrived in June 2018 via a very successful Indiegogo campaign and Elinor already sold out by end of September. We have very few Bex left so if you want one under the tree now is the time to order ! If you are desperate for Elinor then you can still order from our UK website but there are very few left 
Nisha - if you have your heart set on Nisha this Christmas then don’t wait too l long as Nisha is selling quickly too, from both our UK and US sites. 

We have had so many requests for Lydia, thank you to everyone who has written in. We are planning 2019 production now and Lydia is top of the list along with a new release or two ; ) 
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

My Current AG Doll Collection

I get a lot of questions as to what my AG doll collection looks like now. I am down to one 18" AG and that is Molly. All of the other AG dolls found new homes. 

In the mini doll world, I still have the 3-story yellow house. All of the other structures have been donated. There are three girls living in the house. Molly, Samantha and Josefina.

I have downsized significantly. 

Will I be collecting again? Yes, always. I took a break from AG and currently my doll interests lie elsewhere. I'm a huge Disney fan, Princess Aurora is my favorite. I still love A Girl for All Time and Madame Alexander. There are plenty of online sources for AG reviews, and should I do future doll reviews, more than likely they will be from other doll companies. The internet is saturated with AG; so as not to be redundant, my focus will be on other doll brands I love.

LADL required a lot of my time and was my full time job. Due to other interests and pursuits, I will not be posting daily, but do hope you will stop by  Snickerdoodle Street and explore the latest doll news and events in 2019. The light is always on here in our little town.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

*NEWS* A Girl for All Time Events

News from A Girl for All Time!
We have a Trick or Treat ‘Spin to Win’ wheel on our site until 02 November ! We wish we could have everyone over to our house to trick or treat, but we will have to invite everyone to the site instead. Definitely more treats than tricks on our Halloween Wheel so get spinning and do some winning. 

We are super excited to attend our very first US consumer show this November in my home town of Chicago - join us at Navy Pier 17-18 November for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, North America’s largest consumer toy show on the continent. A great chance to see the newest toys ( and get a great deal for Christmas ! ) and meet designers from around the world - including us : ) 
$3 off your ticket price when you use AGirlForAllTime at check out ! 

We have over 25 fun crafts and activities to make and do on our site, including a brand new DRESS PATTERNS page, where we support independent pattern makers who have designed some gorgeous outfits for our doll range. We are a small independent brand and love to support other like minded people however we can!

*NEWS* LADL Posting News and Updates on Snickerdoodle Street 2019

With so much doll news and exciting things to come in 2019, LADL will be posting regularly on our sister site - Snickerdoodle Street!

LADL will remain online strictly as a reference site.  I have been asked over the past ten months if LADL will be returning. Due to popular demand, I will be posting major doll news and help collectors stay informed. It will not be a daily event as before, but on a regular basis as news comes in.

Comments and questions are welcome! Contact and inquiries:

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

*NEWS* Madame Alexander Doll Company Makes Major Brand Investiment as 100th Anniversary Approaches

Hires best-in-class fulfillment partner and family-targeted marketing specialists to expand U.S. brand presence in 2019

October 22, 2018 - NEW YORK - 95-year-old toy maker Madame Alexander Doll Company®, today launched a major brand investment for U.S. expansion as it approaches its 100th anniversary. The company, now under new ownership, has engaged best-in-class partners to improve marketing, customer service, production and fulfillment capacity while expanding its 2019 product catalog. This major brand investment builds on the company’s mission to make and successfully market quality dolls that create meaningful, enduring, inspiring relationships with its customers and clients.

This commitment is about getting back to the values of the family-led business and Madame Alexander’s original vision,” said Tom Neville, vice president of Madame Alexander Doll Company. “We believe in inspiring a child’s imagination, creativity and love through doll play. Every doll and every business decision are made with Madame Alexander’s credo in mind: ‘Love is in the details.’”

The major brand investment already has yielded:
  • Expanded production capabilities, supported by an alliance of top-tier doll and toy manufacturers
  • A contract for full-service fulfillment services from premier specialty toy expert, Total Business Fulfillment
  • A partnership with award-winning advertising agency and family-targeted marketing specialists Steel Branding
  • An expanded 2019 product catalog to be released at 2019 Toy Fair
  • Launch of a fully updated Amazon store with exclusive content, along with other exciting retail partnerships to be announced.

Dependable Supply of Product in U.S.
Madame Alexander has a dependable supply of products in the U.S., supported by an alliance of top-tier toy manufacturers. This alliance will deliver on the quality and detail that are central to the Madame Alexander brand.

To support its leading production resources, Madame Alexander has entered into a business contract with Total Business Fulfillment, a full-service fulfillment house. Total Business Fulfillment will provide full-service fulfillment support to Madame Alexander for all sales channels.

New Digital Campaign for Millennial Moms
Madame Alexander has hired Steel Branding to launch a new digital campaign focused on activating the next generation of moms through social media, digital influencers, content marketing and PR programs. Steel Branding, an award-winning full-service advertising agency, specializes in family-targeted marketing.

New Expanded Catalog Coming January 2019
Madame Alexander is launching its new catalog at the 2019 Toy Fair in New York. The new catalog will feature new product additions to the baby and collectible product lines, sure to please a new generation of doll lovers and current Madame fans alike. There will be many surprises at Toy Fair, and announcements to come. 

“With expanded marketing, customer service, production and fulfillment capabilities, Madame Alexander’s commitment to delivering high-quality dolls that inspire imagination, creativity and love has never been stronger,” said Neville. “We are committed to strengthening the interrelationships from the inside out that will propel the company into its next 100 years and beyond.”

For more information on Madame Alexander Doll Company, visit
About Madame Alexander Doll Company, LLCFor 95 years, Madame Alexander Doll Company has inspired imagination, creativity and love through doll play. Madame Alexander herself envisioned dolls as valuable learning tools for teaching children empathy, compassion and responsibility. Drawing upon decades of dollmaking heritage and expertise, Madame Alexander dolls are made with unmatched quality, so they can be cherished for years to come. All Madame Alexander dolls are beautifully designed with the credo ‘love is in the details’ in mind to encourage a lifetime of play and collecting. Dolls and related accessories are available in all tiers of retail distribution in the U.S., select markets internationally, and online at Visit for more information.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

*UPDATE NEWS* Bosley's Blog and New Book

It is with great sorrow that I write this post. My beloved Bosley has passed away. In 2014, I wanted to write a children's book about his life. I am still following through with this. To stay in the loop and be alerted to updates on the books release, you can follow Bosley's blog. There you can sign up for newsletter alerts and read specific stories about his life, complete with video and photos.

He IS and always will be LOVED.