Friday, August 29, 2014

BEFOREVER New Mini Dolls - Thoughts

We have been waiting for the new AG minis and they're finally here!


All vinyl bodies. At least there is no question - these dolls can be submerged in water without damaging rooted hair, painted faces and vinyl bodies.

Compared to my Samantha and the acrylic eyed Samantha - this looks like an imposter.

I'm not a fan of these minis. I know with the vinyl body they appear slimmer, but OG minis look slimmer and have cloth bodies.

I can not tell you how much I dislike Caroline's mini. This face doesn't do her justice as beautiful as she is.

I love Kit's hair and I think the clothing is made very well on these minis. Do you know who difficult it is to make this size clothing? (Auntie Robin is a pro) I would lose my mind!

Rebecca has the most pretty face, but I'm curious if her hair can actually stay this pretty. Out of all the minis I would buy Rebecca.

April who has Addy said the 25th anniversary dress fits the new BF Addy with ease, the new BF meet dress is a little snug on the cloth body, but did fully close.  One big difference is the narrow shoulders of the new BF dolls.  Most outfits do cover them well though.

This doesn't even look like Kaya. It looks like a generic Native American Indian mini doll.

I guess I'm old school when it comes to AG minis. Will you be buying any new BF minis?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

*NEWS* BEFOREVER Launch AG Mini Dolls

Surprise Surprise AG minis $25 will be available at AGP and AG online. 

You can also buy AG mini dolls at Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million!

*Rumor* Josefina will get a mini in 2015.

TBT - Samantha's Doll-O-Ween Costume

Last year Samantha wore a Spanish inspired costume! I made the hat and she borrowed the beautiful skirt from Barbie.


It's *rumored* Josefina will get her mini 2015.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

*NEWS* Mini BEFOREVER Addy First Look

April received her new BEFOREVER Addy and shares photos with us.
I just wanted to share with you my mini Addy who arrived in Australia today (ordered through Book Depository last week).

The characters full name is on the box, and the book is a much thinner paperback compared to the previous quality.

New hairstyle and face, and very glossy hair compared to the previous mini Addy.

My daughter just noticed that mini Addy has a hard plastic body! We are not sure if we like the plastic body- my 5 year old instantly did not like it because she said the dolls would not be cuddly anymore.

And we compared the texture of her hair to the 25th Anniversary Addy-very BIG difference!
The new one also has a larger head.


Thank you April for giving us a first look at BF Addy.

Samantha & Nellie Ready for BEFOREVER Launch

My dolls are all dressed in their meet outfits prepared and waiting for the LAUNCH of Beforever.

Here's a peek at Nellie tidying up her sewing center.

Samantha's been having trouble sleeping because she is so anxious for the launch. Even though we have a sneak peek at the new Samantha, she is excited that she will be getting a new version of her meet dress.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Make Mini Samantha's Bed (Using Straws)

It's rumored at the end of August, Samantha will get a new BEFOREVER bed similar to a half canopy bed. You can make her current brass bed with this tutorial. When you're done with construction, spray paint the entire bed gold.

Don't forget to make a mattress stacking three layers of felt.