Friday, December 19, 2014

AG Play Scene Backdrops

Did you know you can use the backgrounds from the AG Paper Doll Play Scene sets for your mini dolls? Your minis can't "live" here, but you can spend the afternoon taking great photo stories with the back drops.

Shelly has a collection of these books.

Inside there are three colorful rooms to use for taking amazing photos. 

The paper dolls are similar in size to the AG mini dolls. These books are available on Amazon and ebay.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kirsten's Bed and Nightstand - Mini Doll Size

A while ago I painted basic mini doll house furniture for Kirsten s room.

When I saw Yukari's mini version of Kirsten's bed - I fell in love! She did an amazing job on this I want one for my Kirsten.

Instructions can be found on her website American Girl Minis

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Only Hearts Club 9" Dolls

The Only Hearts Club Dolls retailed for $15.99. Totally posable with set glass eyes! Each Only Hearts Club Doll has a book available that tells the story of the doll while delivering a positive message about listening to your heart (the books were sold separately). 

The dolls include: Taylor Angelique who loves animals (available in a vet's outfit), Karina Grace who loves music and dance (available in a ballerina outfit), Olivia Hope who loves horses (available in a riding outfit), Briana Joy who loves sports (available in a soccer outfit), Lily Rose who loves the outdoors (available in a hiking outfit) and Anna Sophia who loves to cook (available in a cooking outfit). Additional outfits included pjs and robes, bathing suits, and school and casual clothing. Most outfits retailed for $10.00. 

The dolls have vinyl heads, and soft bodies which have a wire armature which allows for infinite posing possibilities.

You can find these on ebay!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GOTY 2015 Bakery

We know that GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas will have cupcakes and bakery themed items in her story.

I'm getting the Bakery ready for mini GOTY 2015 Grace to have a place to feel at home in.

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Moxie Teen Doll - Tristen

I bought this doll in 2011. I love her clothes and her face is so pretty with amazing eyes. She stands 14", has long black hair and is fully articulated.

 I don't have any wigs for her.

 All of her jewelry is gold.

Her hands are delicate, I love the articulated wrists.

I have never removed her glasses, they are secured on with elastic, but I have pulled them up so you can see her eyes.

Rubber boots.

I love Tristen. I keep her on a shelf for display.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

DIY - Mini Tyson's Ice Cream Parlor

You can make your own mini size Tyson's Ice Cream Parlor!

Mayberry Street Miniatures (Hobby Lobby) sell ice cream and shop furniture!