Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Doll-O-Ween Gothic Girl Clothes - Shopping

While at the Dollar General browsing their toy aisle I found MORE Gothic Girl stuff! LOL! They have extended her line complete with clothing packs, accessories, pets and fashion sketch books. They also had TWO NEW dolls! 

 What's amazing to me is that my first GG had a plain face and I made her teeth.

Now they have one like Draculaura!

I got this $4 fashion pack - it comes with a brush, two pair of shoes, and three dresses!

I also got the other $4 fashion pack - this one had a witches dress that I wanted for Saige. 

I got this new $3 doll, she is faded blue like Lagoona Blue and comes with a mirror. I'm calling her Gothic Blue.

These dolls make great extras for your spooky Doll-O-Ween scenes and more students in your Monster High School.

Happy Birthday Caroline

Have a great birthday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mini WITCH hats!!!

Dollar Tree has these mini witch hat clip-ons. I love them for my mini GOTY dolls to wear for Doll-O-Ween. (Hocus Pocus)

And who can pass up skeletons????

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Barbie Collection - Zulily 2-Day Event

*Reader Photos* Doll-O-Ween minis

Madelon shows us her Halloween mini dolls!  How cute are they????

I really liked this Halloween cat Barbie from Target.

 Feline fake fur neckline

 The cat ears are a headband

The black strip is a fitting touch.

Two Halloween Kellys from last year at Target.

The little candy corn is my favorite.

Mini cat friend.

I think I paid $6 each for these. This year Target Kellys are $8.

Build-A-Room -SpOOky Details

Final day of SpOOky printables!

Copy and paste to word - print as many as you need!
Tomorrow - FuRniTuRe