Friday, August 28, 2015

New Sewing Room - Addy's Notions

I am not a skilled miniaturist by any means! In 2012 when I bought this fixer upper, it was about to be demolished. I admit now it was too large of a beginner project for me. In my mind I saw the potential, but once I began working on the main house I soon realized just what a BIG restoration job it was.

Looking back I would have primered all of the interior and exterior with Kilz because the wood is VERY dry in this house. I chose to put paper up on the walls to cover the chipping and flaking. I didn't use miniature grade wall paper, I used scrap book paper. So far it's worked out OK and still holding three years later.

I can't believe how difficult it is to paper those hard angles, nooks, odd places like under stairs, etc. 

Progress on the exterior hasn't even begun! Well strike that, I did shingle the entire roof, dormers and covered patio. 

This is the second floor landing. Currently it has no purpose, but is a charming little nook. I still have not worked on the stairs or railings. I think you can see just how dry the wood looks here.

Ha ha! Don't you just LOVE my paper job here? The corner is virtually impossible (for me) to cover and I used the last of this paper for the darkened tucked away space. Until NOW only I (and the dolls) KNEW it was like this, due to the angle you can't see it in photos, (unless you get right in the corner).

You can see the entrance to Nellie and Samantha's room on the right.

I moved the sewing machine out of Nellie's room to make a general sewing center.

In this three-level home, space is scarce so every nook and cranny must be used.

 It's open enough for a small work area and fills up an otherwise empty space near the window and under the third floor stairs.

I found a few notions for Addy at Michael's.

Isabelle has her own sewing machine and supplies, but the the historical dolls needed more appropriate supplies. I also made small bolts of fabric.

The chair can be tucked under the stairs when not in use and there's plenty of room for foot traffic.


  1. This looks so cute and cozy, Rhonda..I love what you've done with the sewing machine. Addy looks so pretty in her new space. :)

  2. I love your photos and stories with the minis, I can't get enough! I love Snickerdoodle Street!