Friday, August 28, 2015

*Review* PC vs AG vs Mattel Samantha Comparison

I have three mini Samantha's to compare. The differences are CRAZY!

Mattel dolls are more "pink" in skin tone and a plain face mold with very simple details. The PC dolls have a VERY detailed facemold, glass eyes and beige skin tone.
AG dolls are somewhere in between.

Mattel - Pleasant Company - AG

The details are missing in the cheeks and nose in the Mattel Samantha. These are the dolls that were mass produced for bookstores, Target and other sources besides AG.

The Mattel hair is fuller, more coarse and wild! AG has smoother, softer and finer hair.

You can see as your eyes moves from left to right, the details reduce. The face widens and the hair is lesser quality.

There are more ridges and separation details in the PC hands. 

 AG hands have slight knuckle ridges, the Mattel hands look more like webbed fingers.

PC Sam has no body tag and the AG doll has one tag.

PC Sam is smaller in size compared to AG Sam.

You can see PC Sam's bangs are smooth not puffy like the AG doll. 

Mattel dolls have two body tags.  


  1. Interesting comparison! You had me looking at Flickr to check my Mini Sam. :) I'll have to get her out and look at her tag/tags. It looks like the Mattel doll's bangs behave better than AG's. They seem to be less pie bangs. I had noticed that with the LE Christmas version and intended to buy one for that reason. Instead I wound up buying a BeForever mini Sam when The Book Depository had her at such a good price. I'll have to look at her hands and face modeling to see how she compares.

    It's great to see you posting here again. There's lots of news in the mini doll market with the new OG Lori line and the upcoming AG minis in special outfits.

  2. I too have noticed the changes over the years. I started out w the original set of pleasant co mini dolls with glass eyes. Then, there after, as ea mini doll came available, I would get the mini doll ea yr for my bday. I can't seem to remember if they had an ivy mini, as she was only around a short time. I don't have her, if such existed... I gradually came to get most of the mini ag dolls. I wondered when they might start adding the mini girl of the yr dolls, as it would be easier to come by the mini than to purchase every ag doll, cuz let's face it, u can wrap up lots of money in these dolls....I didnt manage to know ahead of time of the doll of the yr so while I've missed out on some of those (will try to find on ebay or 2nds) I only need the newest, Mary Ellen doll. It seems they are no longer cloth body's but more like as one described it as a Kelly doll. Is this true? It's really gonna mess w my ocd to have to get an odd ball doll lol and may have at some point, to start the new collection of hard bodied mini ag dolls. Why or why did mattel have to do this? I tell ya, it's about marketing cuz they no they will get ya. J/k lol but seriously, wondering why the change to hard body???? I've noticed the quality is not the same as pc dolls once were, alot of hair challenged dolls but that jmo. So are the mini dolls gonna be selling doll clothes for them as well? They use to make mini rooms when it was pc so I think that would be in good marketing....Plz bring back the hop scotch kids too! I bet alot have forgotten about those. :) have a blessed day my fellow doll collectors

    1. Yes the all vinyl bodies makes sharing clothes difficult.