Saturday, February 27, 2016

DIY Mini Rain Forest House - Lea

After a lot of work I finally finished my mini GOTY 2016 Lea Clark's Rain Forest House! Shelly's review of the full size version helped a lot as did American Girl website and the AG Wiki.

This project includes a LOT of buttons and beads.
I couldn't get the grill and lantern to actually light up, but both have shiny orange beads inside to catch the light.

The window scene is reversible so I don't need to find a place for the scene I'm not using, and the fish is attached to the fryer.

This was a very fun project!

Lea's Wardrobe

Mini Lea is fun to dress in other outfits. Here she wears Battat.

This animal print Moxie Girlz dress is perfect for her!

She can wear Barbie rompers too.

Friday, February 26, 2016

*REVIEW* April Dream Doll - Ginger Brook Hollow

I ordered April. She just may be my favorite.

  • Dreams of traveling and being a writer
  • Inset eyes and lashes

  • Black hair and brown eyes

  • Individual artist sculpts

  • Hand painted

  • Hair you can comb

Our 8" dolls are all vinyl construction with ball joints at shoulders and neck. They have rotating joints in their hips. Each of our "Dream Dolls" is dressed to represent the dream of what that character girl wants to be when she grows up. These dolls are especially sized for collection of the whole set, and they fun to travel with. We offer them two ways so that those who want to enjoy sewing and creating their own wardrobe can buy them at a lower price. Which ever you do, we believe you will find them to be especially detailed and fun for a doll this size.

April is so sweet with her black hair and brown eyes.

She is dressed in a taffeta plum colored outfit that includes a jacket and pleated skirt dress with an attached bodice. 

Her wig is beautiful, long shiny hair.

Embroidery details on the jacket lapels, snap closure.

Here is why April was on discount, she has discoloration on her wrists from the plum fabric. I tried Magic Eraser, it didn't work.


April is a cutie for sure! I love her colors, the taffeta fabrics and her straight hair. For me the discoloration IS NOT an issue because the dolls wrist is covered. If I had not shown you, you would not have ever known about it. 

I think April IS my favorite.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

*NEWS* AG MEGA BLOKS - Shop Online

These haven't shown up at my TRU yet.
Shop online.

Thank you Madelon for the link.

*REVIEW* Suzannah Dream Doll - Ginger Brook Hollow

Sweet Suzannah looks like her twin sister Johannah, but she is the soft, kind one of the two, who pays attention to details. Her dreams are as small as having a new hat of her very own, but she would really love a hat shop of her own. She is an excellent seamstress for a girl and is always creating things to share with others. She likes to visit Harold’s store sometimes when she has some pennies. There she will buy gumdrops, one of each color. She especially likes the purple ones. Suzannah is the peacemaker who has stopped many disagreements with a positive word or change of subject. She chooses to see the good side of people and be positive. This is probably why she always looks happy. Suzannah may not be the most beautiful of all the girls, but with her sunny smile and freckles across her nose, there is no question that she is cute and a lot of fun.

Her dress is made of a light wool material with tiny trim on the bib collar and two-tiered skirt.

 Snap closures in back and at the wrist.

Gorgeous wig!

Her dress is fully lined!

Suzannah is very sweet with her golden hair, blue acrylic eyes and freckles. 

Ginger Brook Hollow $35.00

As stated before, I recommend these dolls. The clothing is boutique style, very well made! The dolls them selves are quality and the wigs are BETTER than AG and OG minis.