Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*In Store Report* New Horse Trailer - LORI by OG


*NEWS* New Releases - LORI by OG

Water pump works and so do lights.

The new dolls have much better hair quality, silky and manageable. The boy looks like baby Prince George.

OG / LORI emailed me regarding blog reviews of new products. They said they would "browse" both blogs, instagram and pinterest to see if it was a "good fit" to contact me for reviews. I see they copied my BOY DOLL concept and made Evan. Hmmmm.....not sure how I feel about this. Mini boy dolls never existed which is why I HAD TO CREATE my own.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

*REVIEW* Disney Mini Sets

New at Toys R Us this mini Snow White collection with four dwarfs and the box background is great for scenes. $29.99

You can see the other three dwarfs in the background. She has long black hair and her dress is true to Snow White's dress look. Awesome set.

Disney Alice Animators Collection Set

 Such a cute set...Oh Alice why is the Queen so angry?

She is articulated at the knees and can sit nicely.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

*REVIEW* My Life As....Mini Dolls



  Love the vinyl shape of the body.

 AG clothes do not fit.

 Madame Alexander clothes do not fit.

 Hair is great! Lots if it.....

 ...easy to style!