Tuesday, May 7, 2013

*New Neighbors*

Two new dolls have moved in next door! The doll house is a buzz with chatter! 

The dolls are trying to peek out through the windows to catch a glimpse when suddenly "DING DONG!"
"Oh no!" Felicity shouts. "It's them!! It's them!!" "Well go to the door!" Nellie says. "We don't have a front door yet." 
Samantha rolls her eyes at Felicity then goes to the front door. 
"Hi!" Nicki says. "Hi!" Samantha replies. "We just moved in next door. My name is Nicki Fleming and this is Saige Copeland." "Hello." Saige peeks around Nicki. "Come on in." Samantha motions...
"Girls, meet our new neighbors. This is Nicki Fleming and Saige..." "COPELAND!!" Shouts Kit. "How did you...?" "She is the girl of the year 2013! But you're a mini!!!!!" Kit gasps!
"When did they start making mini modern girls?" "They didn't." Nicki and Saige both look at each other. "We are uh..." Saige hesitates. "We are sort of custom." Nicki answers. 

"CUSTOM!! I'll say!" Kit responds.


  1. Nickie is a Elizabeth doll and
    Saige is a Felisity Doll.
    But where did you get them!?!?!?!?!?!
    LOVE IT!!!!!

    1. Nicki is not Elizabeth - LOL. I made all of the clothing (except Saige's dress) and customized both dolls myself. So glad you like them!!

  2. Let me guess.Saige is Felicity and Nicki is Kirsten.Am I right?

  3. Abby it looks like your right!! from my point of view.