Tuesday, May 21, 2013

*Powder Room*

Now that Molly is all settled and after the meeting of the new neighbors, life goes back to normal. The usual tension of only one bathroom plus an extra doll, has everyone miserable. Today Samantha has great news!
 "Dolls listen up! I have great news! The downstairs powder room is complete!" Samantha shrieks with excitement!

"Really?" Nellie asked. Samantha shakes her head yes.
"Oh this is more than great news! This is wonderful. I am so happy!" Felicity cheers. Just then Kit takes off running to the first floor hall.
"It's true! Look!"
 All of the dolls gather, "it even has a sign on the door that says "powder room".
 "It's small, but it will be terrific not having to wait in line hopping back and forth on each foot!"
"You're so lucky! You moved in at the right time, no more bathroom fights." Kirsten nudges Molly.

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