Sunday, June 9, 2013

*House Tour + Tea*

"We didn't think you dolls would come over."

"We almost didn't." Molly said matter of fact. "You should have left your name or something."

"Yes we have been trying to figure out who US was." Kit added.

"Well we didn't think you would come over if you knew we were boys. The tea thing kinda sparked your curiosity I guess." Josh said.

"How long have you lived here?" Samantha inquired.

"We have been hanging around for over a month now just waiting for the time to be right." Josh said.
"And for the house to be finished." Marcus said. "No sense inviting you over if we have no place to sit."

"Can we see your house?" Kit asked eagerly.
"Sure right this way..." Jack motioned.

"Wow! You living room is so big!" Kit exclaimed.
"I love the couch." Samantha said.

"Up here are our bedrooms and our bathroom." Paul explained.

"You have bunks just like we do." said Nellie.

 "You're bathroom is so nice, I love the colors." Said Cecile.

"They have a shower". Nellie and Felicity giggled.

The dolls spent the afternoon with their new friends. 

They found out that they had a lot in common and completely forgot that they just so happened to be boys!

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