Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mini Dolls (by Brand) Part Four (1963) Penny Brite

 In the 1960s Penny Brite lived inside the box she was sold in!

Penny Brite, manufactured by Deluxe Reading (Topper Toys) in the early 1960's, is easy and fun to collect. She and her clothes are well made, yet easy to find. Penny is 8 inches tall and made of vinyl. She has rooted, blond page boy styled hair. Her facial features are painted; her eyes are black and white and side glancing. Her mouth is open slightly to show her front teeth. She has cute dimples in her cheeks.  
  There were five different structures made for Penny Brite. Each play set came with an outfit for Penny.

"KITCHEN DINETTE" is as real as life. Dish cabinet and sink has a sliding door with dishes. Sink has a hinged door and removable drip pan. Rinse tray contains cups, saucers. Dinette table and chairs ... table has removable lazy susan and glasses. Set includes 2 piece dress and apron set.

"BEAUTY PARLOR"  Penny Brite is a pretty doll, and little girls can keep her pretty with this beauty parlor. Hair dryer has pivoting hood. Beauty parlor chair turns and tilts. Sink and stool - sink has mirror and hold water so you can wash Penny Brite's hair. Set includes attractive beauty parlor smock.

"BEDROOM SET" There are three gracefully designed pieces of furniture: Bed with canopy, bedspread and pillow; Dresser unit with ruffled skirt, mirror and two lamps; and a stool. Set includes two piece pajama set.

For me I think Penny Brite is one of the first real mini dolls.

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