Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini Dolls (by Brand) - Part Six (2005 -present) Corelle, Gotz, Mme Alexander

I love mini dolls!
You can create entire worlds with minis and they take up so little room!!  

 I love these 5" Madame Alexander Storybook dolls. The detail is beautiful.

Painted eyes and facial features.

Rooted Hair.

And let's not forget in 2005 McDonald's included exclusive Madame Alexander 4.5" mini dolls in their happy meals. This is my "Set Sail" mini. She is beautiful!!
 And my Hop Skip and Jump mini.

There are mini dolls available by different companies, McDonald's also has sold exclusive Bratz, Liv and Barbie mini dolls in happy meals. But I love the more unique dolls.
Here are a few modern mini dolls 2013.

Pottery Barn Kids began selling 18" Gotz dolls a few years back. They are now selling 6.5" mini dolls that are comparable to American Girl mini dolls.

I won't spend too much time here, since I have these dolls. 
You can read more about them in my review on Doll Diaries HERE
8"  Corolle

Corolle's Mini Corolline doll is an all vinyl 8 inch doll with long hair, painted eyes which do not open and close. She's super cute!
The Mini Corolline Brunette doll is wearing a pretty print dress with a bright pink ribbon trim. Black shoes and a matching pink hair ribbon complete her look. The 8 inch size is big enough to provide a lot of play value, yet small enough to easily take her with you wherever you go.

ABOUT: France’s Loire Valley, the storybook region famous for its scenic beauty and fairytale-like castles, is where Corolle started more than 30 years ago and where all Corolle dolls get their start today.

Corolle designs dolls that look and feel as real as possible, with soft, supple vinyl; natural-looking hair and up-to-date fashions. And because children develop a strong emotional bond with their dolls, Corolle dolls are durable to withstand all the loving and hugs their beauty and charm inspire.  All of which helps to explain why, since its founding, Corolle has received global recognition for design and play excellence, winning scores of awards.

They even sell a fragrance to match their dolls. *Note these vinyl heads are on cloth bodies.

 The 14" Corolle dolls smell like vanilla.

  A pretty bottle of Eau De Toilette to be dressed, undressed and dressed again as you wish with the little clothes coming in a small Corolle suitcase. 

  7" Lottie English Country Garden Doll!
Lottie is all dressed up in her favorite springtime romper! She is ready for picnics in the garden, and lovely walks around Lottieville! Lottie is fun and educational; an affordable, aspirational pro girl doll.

7" Lottie Autumn Leaves Doll. Painted eyes, rooted hair.

7" Lottie Lottieville Festival Doll

Summer has arrived and Lottie is very excited for the annual Lottieville Festival! With cute polka dot boots and an orange satchel, she will surely enjoy the music and other activities planned. 

7" Lottie Pony Flag Race Doll!

Lottie loves to ride her pony, Black Beauty, and they always enjoy going to the Flag Races! She is ready to ride in her favorite riding outfit! Includes flag for races!


  1. I really am enjoying your mini reviews so much! Have you personally seen the 8 inch Corolle minis? How are they in terms of scale as compared to the AG minis? You've come up with a number of lines that I had no idea existed, and am going to be seeking them out.

    I do have the Pottery Barn kids, and I think one of that batch is enough as they do have a sameness in their appearance that seems more frozen than that of the AG minis.

    I love the mini Battats and wish I could find Vanessa. I've been seeking her for years with no luck. I have the other three.

    So much fun here. I've bookmarked your site here!


    1. Jami,
      No I have not seen the Corelle minis in person, but they sure look cute to me. My guess is that they're similar to a Madame Alexander or PBK body. Whereas Lottie is thinner like Annie. I have seen Vanessa on Amazon (for a lot $$) but ebay has had her from time to time. I know you will find her. Thank so much for being a reader. I appreciate it.