Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Clothes for Molly & Kit

I'm often asked "where" I get clothes for my minis.
I make some, find vintage clothes then alter the hem and in this case - I buy them.

 Knickerbocker was very popular in the 70s, early 80s and they sold a lot of Holly Hobbie items.

I found these vintage clothes from 1981-83 for the 6" ANNIE doll.

 I saw both of these outfits and immediately bought them for Molly and Kit. I have to say Annie is adorable too and I am hoping to find her to add to my collection.

There were 6 outfits available. I bought the FANCY BLOUSE AND SKIRT (Molly) and
 They fit SNUG and I can't get the back of Molly's blouse to close. I will have to make alterations so please keep this in mind if you find Annie clothes for your minis. 

I think the girls look ADORABLE!!!

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