Saturday, June 15, 2013

*You've Got Mail* - Camp Doll Diaries

The dolls were getting ready for breakfast when Saige spotted something by the door.
 "Oh hey look!" Called Saige. "We got a letter. And it's from Kit!"
"Oh great!! What does it say?" Nicki asked, peeking over Saige's shoulder. 

"Oh my goodness! More new neighbors!!" Saige's face went serious.
"Whats the matter? Is everything OK?" Nicki looked puzzled.

"They're, um...boys." Saige stammered.
"Boys? The neighbors? Ridiculous!" Nicki laughed.
"No it's true, read it for your self." Saige handed Nicki the note.
"Oh my goodness!" Nicki said shocked. "What will we do?" 
"What do mean? There isn't anything to be done." Answered Saige.
"Maybe we should go back home. We will just have to explain it to the camp counselor." Nicki said matter of fact.
 "Explain what? Um excuse me...we have to go back home because new neighbors have moved in..." Saige spouted.
"Don't make it sound so, so...." Nicki struggled.
"Silly?" Saige interrupted.

"Yes! It's not silly. The dolls are rattled and we weren't there."
"What could we have done?" Saige tried to reason.
"Nothing except be there for support." Nicki said.
"I can't believe you want to leave camp." Saige said frustrated.
"I don't want to, but I think it's for the best." Nicki sounded confused.
"Maybe we should ask the dolls if they need us to come home first. Write Kit a note." Nicki stated. 
"And say what?"

 "I don't know actually. Maybe just ask them if they want us to come home early." Nicki replied casually.
 "Is this for real? Or is this about your bee sting? I think you want to go home!" Saige was very frustrated.
"No!" Nicki shouted. 
"I just want to see if the other dolls need us. But don't forget to tell them about my bee stings too."

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  1. Oh no! Poor Nicki! Bee stings aren't fun at all! I wonder what is going to happen...suspense!!!!!