Saturday, July 27, 2013

*Opening* New LPS Blythes

I love Blythe! She has a BIG head with equally LARGE eyes but there is something about her that I love. I have heard people say she is scary, creepy and alien like. To me she is just - well Blythe!

LPS Buckles and Bows

I bought Littlest PetShop Blythe dolls - hurray!!




  1. I have these two mini Blythe dolls too. I've been collecting the mini Blythe dolls for a few months, picking up one of each different one I can find at Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Ross, Marshalls and TJMaxx. Hasbro has redesigned the Littlest Pet Shop Blythe, and the new ones look nothing like Blythe. She looks like Polly Pocket now. They have taken away her inset eyes, real hair and fabric clothes, and replaced them with painted eyes and rubber hair and clothes. They kept her name, but these new ones are not mini Blythe dolls. If you love Blythe, grab the older version real mini Blythes if you find them, before they are gone forever.

  2. I love LPS, and have been collecting since 2009! My mom threw all of my LPS away, so I'm trying to get LPS by contests, Goodwill, etc. Where did you get $5.00 Littlest Pet Shops?

    By the way, the original Blythe is beautiful and realistic (look it up) , then Hasbro added in Blythe for the LPS and it isn't as pretty, now the Blythe and LPS are super ugly with rubber eyes, and badly painted faces. Imiss the old LPS!

    1. They were on clearance at Toys R Us a while ago.