Monday, July 1, 2013

*A Package Arrived*

"Hey everyone a package arrived from Saige and Nicki!" Kit called. "It's filled with patriotic hats!!!"
"Oh how beautiful! I love the glitter!!" Said Molly.

"And there's a note. I'll read it." Kit cleared her throat.
Dear Dolls,
       Thank you Kit for telling us the crazy news about the boy neighbors. Nicki is very concerned and wants to know if you want us to come back home early. 
      We have had a lot of fun here at camp, but Nicki got bee stings on both her hand and her cheek. She is OK, but it hurt something awful.
 (the dolls gasped)
We are sending all of you hats from our talent show performance. We won first place for our Yankee Doodle dance! Please ask Molly if she would do us the honor of coming to Camp for the day and perform her Miss Victory dance? We are having a Patriotic theme 4th of July week. We would love it if she would come perform as our special guest!
Nicki and Saige
P.S. We miss everybody back home.
"Wow Molly! Will you do it? Will you go?" Samantha asked.

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