Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mini Dolls (Part Eight) - Polly Pocket, Princess Sofia, Chelsea

It seems mini dolls are everywhere!! (Or is it just that I'm on the lookout?) Today while in Target I saw several mini doll collections!!

 For Princess fans there is Princess Sofia the First.

The furniture is adorable!
Polly Pocket is a toy line of dolls and accessories came in pocket-size cases. They are two to three inches tall and are composed of a pliable plastic with soft rubberized clothing and fashion accessories.

Chelsea & Friends Amusement Park

 Tamika doll has selected cotton candy for her special sweet treat and wears an adorable yellow headband she got in the park. She's dressed for nonstop fun in a sweet, casual outfit, which includes pink shorts and a matching ruffled top. 

Chelsea doll and her friends always have a blast at the amusement park! They get their faces painted, enjoy yummy snacks, and pick up cool souvenirs. Check out all the dolls in the Chelsea & Friends Amusement Park-themed assortment. No "body issues" with these mini dolls.


  1. what about the ty little ones?

  2. Are there any others? I don't like those brands very much...
    -Anonymous A.