Monday, July 15, 2013

*Opening* La Dee Da "Dee"

I have been eye-ing the LaDeeDa dolls for a while and finally broke down and bought Dee.

I really like her a lot. I'll admit I have been veering off the AG path and venturing down the toy aisle looking at other dolls in other sizes. Yes the toy aisle is more affordable with gimmicky items, but I can't help it. I fall for unique dolls which is why I am completely shocked that I haven't purchased any Monster High dolls yet! My 18 year old daughter has liked them for a few years, but since she isn't a doll collector, I couldn't convince her to start a collection. Who knows maybe my next trip to TRU or Target...but for now...Dee!

Similar to a large eyed Pullip or Blythe doll, Dee's eyes are not glass but painted.

 I love the red tinsel in her two-tone hair.

 Portfolio has three stickers.


Please let me know if you have any of the LaDeeDa dolls - which ones?


  1. Can dee share clothes with anydoll?

  2. Dee is very thin and her dress is open in the back when I put it on Blythe. I haven't tried Monster High clothes on her, but I have heard they can share clothes. Blythe's clothes are loose on Dee. Thanks!!!