Friday, August 2, 2013

LPS Blythe Dolls Get a HOUSE!!

My LPS Blythe dolls needed a home, but I didn't want to make (another) doll house. I remembered seeing a vintage MARX dollhouse (early 1950s) at an antique shop here in town. I went to get it!

MARX HISTORY Children's play dollhouses from most of the 20th and 21st centuries are 1:18 or two third inch scale (where 1 foot is represented by 2/3 of an inch). Common brands include Lundby (Sweden), Renwal, Plasco, Marx, Petite Princess, and T. Cohn (all American) and Caroline's Home, Barton, Dol-Toi and Tri-ang (English). A few brands use 1:16 or 3/4"-scale.

This suburban dream house made of pressed tin rolled off the lines during the post-war housing boom. 

Made by Marx, famous for their dollhouses, windup-toys, mechanical banks, etc., this house is decorated with the colors and designs preferred by the housewives and doll-players of the day.

This five room, two story house is in good collectible condition. Very, very little rust in this 1950's colonial. Marx #4018 Dimensions: 20" wide x 16" high x 8" deep

I will have to do slight modifications. The solider room isn't exactly Blythe's "style".

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