Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Blythe - Sleep Eyes

NEO Blythe has a pull string that helps you to change both her eye color and the direction of her gaze. She has four inner eye chips that can be changed out for different colors if desired. I have seen many Blythe's with an added pull chain enabling her to have  "sleep eyes". The process takes A LOT of time and patience. 

I am not going to post step by step photos or a long video of me fumbling about. I do have photos of Chantelle with her added "sleep eyes". 

Yay! I think she looks adorable with this extra chain option. I will include the tutorial video I watched in case you would like to do this for your Blythe.
 Light blue eyes
 Sleep eyes - wearing AG Addy's summer hat.
Green eyes
 Sleep eyes

 She is wearing AG Cecile's Summer bonnet
 Blue eyes
She is wearing Springfield glasses.
 Pink eyes

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