Saturday, September 28, 2013

*Tea Party*

Not everyone was able to attend the tea party. This was a special event because both Nicki and Saige were not at the Grand Opening and now they would see it for the first time. 

 "Wow this bakery is terrific!" Said Saige.

 "Are you glad summer is over?" Samantha asked Nicki.

"Yes. We had fun at camp, but I got homesick." Nicki answered.

Everyone is meeting the latest resident, Molly's Nurse, Katherine.

"Hi, I'm Samantha. It's good to meet you."

"I'm Nellie. Wow it's great to actually have a Nurse in our town."

"Thank you Nellie."

"I'm Saige. This is the first time both Nicki and I are seeing the bakery. Isn't it great?"

 "Yes. I was thinking of going over to the table to see what treats there are." Replied Katherine.

"I'll go with you." Said Nicki. 

 "We could have really used your help at summer camp when I got two bee stings." Nicki told Nurse Katherine.

"Yea and Nicki didn't do what Nurse Sophie said, she scratched them anyways. Now she has scars." Saige tattled.

"Oh no!" Katerine replied. "I know it's difficult not to scratch the bee stings, but that was sound advice."

"Hello. I'm Nurse Katherine."

 "Hi! I'm Kit. I write for the town newspaper. I would like to interview you if you wouldn't mind." Kit pressed.

 "She just arrived Kit. Let her settle in. " Nicki interrupted.

"No it's quite alright. I would like to meet with you Kit. That way the town's people will know that I am here to help them." Nurse Katherine replied.

 Just then Kirsten arrived, heading straight for the goodies table.

 "Hello there. I am Nurse Katherine. How do you do?"

"Oh hello. I'm Kirsten Larson. Nice to meet you."

 "So what kind of interview are you planning Kit?"

"Oh a little bit of everything...her schooling, her specialty, just a getting to know you article."
And Kit couldn't wait!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

*AMeLiA ThiMbLe* - Mini Dolls

Standing a mere 4" tall, with inset brown eyes, hand-painted features, and a dark brown wig with matching hair bows, Basic Amelia is just sew cute! Completely ball-jointed and crafted of high-quality resin, Amelia features 12-points of articulation for unlimited posing possibilities. She comes dressed in a light blue dress with ribbon straps, matching bloomer pants, and shoes.

I love this mini doll - oh so CUTE!!! 
 Amelia Two

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Miniaturists Show

Hey everyone - I will be attending the 34th Annual Miniatures Exhibit October 5th. I will bring back a report along with photos and video. I hope it will be a source of inspiration for those of you who are contemplating making your own miniature doll house for your AG minis. And maybe help those of you in the creative process with fresh new ideas!!!!
Here is a LINK for doll house printables.
It's going to be lots of fun so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

*Opening* Molly's Mini Nurse Doll

Molly's Nurse doll included in her Christmas package is the same 6.5" size as the AG mini dolls. She has a painted face and painted tights. She doesn't have a cloth, stuffed body. Her dress is tagged Pleasant Company 1992. 

 She will be at the tea party!

Monday, September 23, 2013

You're Invited

You're invited to a
Mini Tea Party!!

Snickerdoodle Street Bakery
September 28!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013


At dusk Nicki and Saige went horseback riding...
 "I know Picasso loves being out riding when it's cooler." Saige told Nicki.
 "I wanted to talk you about something." Nicki said.
 "Ever since we got home from camp you seem different...I don't know what it is."
 "I don't know why you would say that."
 "I'm still me."
Mini Saige may look a bit different, but she is still the same artistic American Girl! Her horse was a thrifty find.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


My dog is well! No surgery!!
Thank you for all of your prayers.

Monday, September 16, 2013

HTM Custom Mini GOTY Dolls

I get a lot of questions about my mini Nicki and mini Saige. 

I made Nicki using a Kirsten mini. I have a few suggestions on how you can make other custom minis.
Barnes & Noble have pre-orders for GOTY 2014 mini dolls. But what about the GOTY dolls from the past?

Make your own custom minis!! 

Mini Marie Grace needs a hair cut and she can become Chrissa!! Ivy can become Jess if you cut the bangs. This is very obvious! Caroline can become Lanie. Ruthie easily becomes Lindsay!
 Rebecca can become Marisol. Emily would make a great Mia!

Make slight adjustments to the hair, order custom GOTY outfits from AUNTIE ROBIN and you will have your own mini GOTY collection!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Dog

Bear with me....I'm still dealing with my dog's illness. I may be absent from my blog a day or two more. We aren't out of the woods on this yet. Thank you.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Clothing Storage Ideas

Storing doll clothing can be challenging. Especially mini doll clothes. I made a doll closet out of a modern sized jewelry box then later sold it.

If you have a jewelry box or small cupboard, you can paint and decorate it to store the smallest clothing inside.

Another idea was to make a closet out of a shoe or boot box.

Consider the plastic storage units for small beads. You may be able to use it vertically like a free standing closet. Remove unwanted bins to make longer units for hanging by clipping the plastic dividers. 

Or follow my room in a box tutorial using a basic box and card board.