Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dora Kuhn Miniature Furniture (Kirsten)

Most of my readers know my favorite AG doll is Kirsten Larson. I just can't get enough of this Kirsten inspired mini furniture!!! It's vintage so it can be expensive, but I somehow keep running by this Dora Kuhn furniture as if it were calling to me. 
 This set in particular is $100.
 Dora Kuhn vintage furniture 1930s

I can't believe just how beautiful this furniture is! I can see Kirsten living in her cabin filled with all of these pieces.

And this dining set is $35
 Here is a red version just as pretty, but I prefer the blue.
 This set $53.00

I actually found this little bench thrifty shopping. It has no maker tag. 

If you want to locate this furniture you can Google or type in the search box on etsy or eBay: DORA KUHN.

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  1. This last one is NOT Dora was imported by another company