Thursday, December 12, 2013

*Opening* Vintage Barbies!

I found more vintage Barbies and I'm so thrilled to show them to you.

Midge 1963 is Barbie's best friend who has cute, full cheeks and freckles. Midge was available with either brunette, blond or titan hair (red). In 1965 Midge got bendable legs. 

1965 American Girl Brunette Barbie
 Classic short pageboy titan, silver, brunette, blonde and ash blonde. 

1968 Stacey is Barbie's Mod cousin from England! Stacey was only produced from 1968 to 1971 and if you were lucky enough to shop at Sears, you would have found two gift set exclusives for her.

1967 Francie Twist N' Turn doll 
Brunette shoulder length hair, brown painted eyes, twist and turn waist, rooted eyelashes, and bendable legs. The Francie doll is Barbie's modern cousin, she was first introduced in 1966.

Francie has a slimmer body style and a more modest bust line than Barbie, thus she has her own clothing line, she shares her wardrobe 
with the same sized Casey and Twiggy dolls.

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