Friday, January 10, 2014

HTM - Dance Barre for Mini Isabelle

This shows HTM a free standing ballet barre. 
 Inspiration came from PlanetAG4U.
  • Craft Foam ball
  • 1/4" dia wooden dowel - cut two pcs 10" - cut two pcs 4.5"
  • Two picture hangers
  1. Cut the styrofoam ball in half. Set each half on the flat side.
  2. Stick each 4.5" dowel piece into one styrofoam ball 1/2" deep. These are the side posts.
  3. Hot glue them for stability.
  4. Hot glue one picture hanger to each side post 2" down or centered.
  5. Hot glue the 10" dowel to the top of each side post.
  6. Hang the other 10" dowel inside the picture hangers for the lower barre.

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