Friday, January 24, 2014

My Big FAT Project - Doll Room Part 2

My doll room is serving more than one purpose! If you've been following on my other blog Living A Doll's Life then you have seen how the room is taking shape for my full size dolls. I have given the room fresh paint, removed nails, free floating shelves and touched up the white trim.

I have had to designate a wall to Snickerdoodle Street, Liberty Towne, USA. 

Under the doll houses are plastic storage drawers. They house craft supplies, mini clothes, Barbie clothes, and doll props. (Small bathroom to the left)

In the corner (across) next to the closet, is where the main house sits. This comprises all of the space for minis. I also have mobile pieces such as the Barn and the Gazebo. Now you have the back story, behind the scenes look!

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