Wednesday, March 19, 2014

AG Mini Dolls - New 2014 Look?

If you have been following the Be Forever rumors on my other blog - Living A Doll's Life, you may know that when Samantha is re-introduced this fall, she will more than likely have a new meet outfit. Rumor also has it that the other remaining historical dolls will be getting new meet outfits as well.

What does this mean for the AG Minis????
The only other time mini dolls had different outfits were with the release of the 25th anniversary dolls in 2011.

 Over at Book Depository there seems to be big CHANGES coming to the AG minis = new meet outfits along with CUTS.

Missing from the mini line-up: Cecile, Marie Grace, Josefina, Kirsten, Molly, Emily, Nellie, Ivy, Felicity, Elizabeth and Ruthie.

What does this mean??
Why is Book Depository selling these new "re-vamped" 2014 historical mini dolls along with mini GOTY 2014 Isabelle? AG DOES NOT sell GOTY mini dolls. Both Saige GOTY 2013 and Isabelle GOTY 2014 have been sold at places like: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Target, Book Depository, and Sam's.

Could AG be dropping the mini doll line, leaving them to other retailers?

Again, we will have to wait this out to see if American Girl mini doll collection will be effected under Be Forever.


  1. I emailed American Girl today to see if they would be still selling the minis and books of the retired dolls, they wrote back with:

    Dear ****,

    The books will be still be available, however we are not able to provide
    you with an answer about the mini dolls at this time.

    Thank you for your interest in American Girl!


    American Girl Customer Service
    Phone: 800-845-0005 or 608-831-5210
    Fax: 608-828-4790
    Available Monday - Sunday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. Central Time

    This is upsetting. My little sister and I collect the minis since they are more affordable then the full size dolls :(

  2. AG may no longer carry the mini dolls. You will still be able to buy the BEFOREVER minis online at these two sources: Books-A-Million and Book Depository website. However if you want to buy Josefina, Marie Grace, Cecile, Ivy, Ruthie, Nellie, Kirsten, Molly, Emily, Felicity and Elizabeth - you should buy from AG now while they are in stock. BEFOREVER launches Aug 28.