Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunny Surfin' World of Maxie

Laura submitted this link for Sunny Surfin World Of Maxie

 She said she was reminded of Maxie when she saw the Lammily doll.

Maxie and her friends are ready for a sensational sleepover! Each poseable, 11 1/2" doll has bending knees, wears pretty, comfy pj's and comes with a pillow, brush, fuzzy slippers and hair ornament. (Hasbro description)


Thanks Laura!!!


  1. Oh Rhonda, Thank you for spotlighting the Maxie dolls. I think they were only around for a short period of time from the mid to late 1980's. This particular doll was actually the last doll I bought for myself before I outgrew dolls for a little while. I think if you love dolls when you are a child you will come back to them when you get older. Sometimes the teenage years get in the way. LOL. Just like back then my favorite thing to do for my dolls was to get new clothes for them. Only now I buy for AG dolls instead of Barbie. When I was young most Barbie dolls had blonde hair. I was always excited to find a doll to have darker hair. Now Barbie and her friends are a little bit more diverse in skin color and hair. I think that is great.

  2. LOL, I feel like I'm suddenly surrounded by Maxie! I got a sack full of dolls two days ago, and Maxie was in there. Awesome website, by the way.

    1. Thank you. Send in photos of your collection and I'll post for my readers to see.