Monday, April 14, 2014

Ideal Revlon Clone Rescue *Makeover*

I found this poor 15" Miss Revlon clone doll and HAD TO RESCUE HER!!!! The doll is marked "14R". She was filthy and dressed in a tattered lace sleeve safety pinned around her neck. I cleaned her up and cut OFF all of that hair.

She had a busted leg (which explains the hunch) so I popped it back into socket.

She got a new wig and fresh lipstick and polish!!

I already had this hat that I made last year; I washed the lace sleeve then made it into a dress.

Ideal's Revlon dolls were introduced in late 1955 or 1956. Although usually referred to as "Miss Revlon" by collectors, it is important to note that the company always promoted the doll as simply "Ideal's Revlon Doll." Perhaps the misnomer came about later after the introduction of Little Miss Revlon in 1958. In any case, the Revlon dolls were beautifully made and are highly sought after by collectors today.

Body Construction
The Revlon dolls were available in 15", 18", 20", 22.5" and an extremely rare 25" size. All sizes of Revlon dolls are made of high quality rigid vinyl with softer vinyl heads. They are most commonly jointed at neck, shoulders, waist and hips (see variations below).

The dolls have good quality rooted hair in shades of platinum blonde, dark golden blonde, auburn and dark brunette. The golden blonde and auburn are by far the most common colors, and the dark brunette the rarest. The hair is styled into a mass of curls held back with pins and hairnet, or in a ponytail style, with bangs. The 15" dolls, and a few of the larger dolls, have gold elastic headbands.

They have blue sleep eyes (or rarely green) with brush lashes, painted lashes beneath the eyes, and feathered brows. The least expensive dolls did not have pierced ears, but most did. All the dolls have red lips, finger and toenails.
courtesy: Ideal Toy Co


  1. Ideal really had a good product when they made these little gems. Even when they're roughed up they can be made to look nice again. You did a great job with yours.

  2. Great rescue! She looks fabulous now and so beautiful perched in that special spot in her new home!