Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Overwhelmed By AG Changes

I hope this post doesn’t appear as a gripe or complaining session. It is a confession. I am becoming overwhelmed with:

  2. Revamp of new meet outfits
  3. The editing of the mini dolls
  4. Archiving rumors
  5. Maintaining five miniature dollhouses

I don’t want to have to buy new mini dolls just for the outfits and I don’t really have room for anymore dolls. Out of the mini dolls soon to get axed I don’t have Ivy, Ruthie, or Josefina. Storing mini dolls is less of a challenge than full size dolls, but still I feel stuck on a treadmill (that I put myself on!) and am wondering how to get off of it.

It's still sinking in that the changes to the new Historical line will effect the minis. Our questions go unanswered. 
It will be a long summer.

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