Monday, April 7, 2014

Reader Photos - DIY Kit's Candy Making Set

Shelly made mini Kit her own candy making set!!


Notice the double boiler.

So adorable. Thanks Shelly!!!!


  1. Thanks, Rhonda. This was really fun making. I didn't want to leave mini Kit out if the fun of making mini chocolate bunnies: )

  2. Great job Shelly! Those Iddy Biddy Bunnies are an incredible find! I've never seen those anywhere! Will have to look for them.

  3. I found them at CVS. Check all of the department stores: )

  4. I love how Shelly decorated the mini doll room from Target. Mini Kit looks like she is having lots of fun making chocolate bunnies. Her little strawberry apron is so cute.
    The mini doll room I bought I gave to my daughter to decorate how she wanted. Right now it's a living room.
    If anyone knows where I can get mini doll house furniture for a decent price let me know. I've found some really pretty pieces on line but some of them are very expensive.

  5. Thank you, Laura: ) I found the kitchen appliances on Ebay last year. Then when I got them I thought they were too little for the mini dolls. After I put all of the pieces in the litlle house it turned out ok. The little green island thingy is a drawer from a jewelry box that we use for the big AG dolls. All I can tell you is to keep looking in ebay, goodwill, yard sales and there are AG FB pages too. Hopefully you will found some great doll finds: )