Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Legends of Oz Dorothy Returns Doll

I was at Toys R Us and saw the new Legends of Oz Dorothy dolls! 

The Legends of Oz Dorothy Fashion Doll comes with her best friend Toto and the satchel that she carries China Princess in, in the movie. (China Princess not included). 

12.6 inches tall. ($19.99) 

Dorothy Fashion Doll, featuring 2 songs from the movie, sung by Lea Michele, One Day (15 sec) & Work With Me (15 sec).

12.6 inches tall ($24.99) 


She is 12.5" tall. Her clothes are adorable, but Toto is not included.

I researched the website and discovered they have two mini doll collections!!

Available at Toys R Us


 2.5" tall ($12.99)

 There are plenty of plush characters as well.



  1. Oh she is so pretty. I know she is a little taller but do you happen to know if she would fit into barbie clothes?

  2. No, I don't think she can squeeze into Barbie's clothes. She has a thicker torso one more realistic than Barbie. She could possibly wear Moxie Teenz clothes.