Monday, June 23, 2014

*Decorating for the 4th*

Samantha has assigned decorating projects to everyone to help spruce up Snickerdoodle Street in time for the 4th.

Of course Kit will be reporting for the Liberty Tatler, but her first project is to decorate the treehouse.

 Samantha calls Molly and Emily over to discuss plans.

"Hi dolls! Thank you for coming over.  Molly since you're the town event planner I wanted to hear what you have set up for the 4th of July."

"We have gone over our list and decided to have Dairy Queen cater the event," Emily explains.

"Yes and we will decorate the gazebo as a central meeting spot." Molly continued.

"Oh that sounds wonderful! And what of the parade?" Samantha asked.

"Yes! I am putting Nicki in charge of that. She has been a little sad since Saige left for camp and this will keep her busy."  Molly added.

"Wonderful plans dolls! I will let the Mayor know when I meet with her later this week." Samantha said.

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