Friday, June 6, 2014

*Isabelle & Saige* - Outdoor Explorers - Camp

The girls go exploring the camp to become familiar with the camp grounds.

They found First Aid.

"Nurse Katherine!"


"Hi girls!"

"I had no idea you were at Camp!" Saige said.
"Yes they called me to fill an opening." Katherine explained.

"Wow, your office is so clean!" Inspected Saige.


 "It looks like the clinic back home." Saige observed.

"It's so nice to see a couple of familiar faces." Katherine said.


"What happened to Nurse Sophie? She helped Nicki's bee stings last summer." Saige asked.

"She is working at a camp in New Jersey this summer." Katherine explained.

"We should let you get back to work." 

  "Yes Katherine. It was good to see you." Izzy said. "See you later."

"No girls, I hope to see you when you get back home. Be careful and stay out of First Aid this summer. Enjoy camp!" Katherine waved good bye. 

This week's CAMP VIDEO

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