Thursday, June 26, 2014

Motorhome for Minis???

I was out shopping at an antique mall and stumbled upon this Barbie Camper. 

I had the beach bus!

  Then next to it I SAW!!!!!!!!
Barbie Star Traveler Motor Home perfect for the minis to travel in!!
(I want this)

I may go back to inquire if they will come down in price because there are no accessories included. 

This set originally came with an option for a 10-speed bike and dune buggy!!!!



  1. *From Julie's mom:*

    Hi Rhonda,

    I had the Country Camper as a kid, and my friend had the Beach Bus. Pretty funny if you consider we were a couple of city kids who may have seen the beach or the woods maybe once a year! LOL! Now I have the Mattels Big Jim Sports Camper which is the male version of the Country Camper, (same accessories, different colors). And BTW, the Star Traveler was actually released in 1976:

  2. My friend had the first one pictured. It was awesome!
    I didn't have any of the vehicles, but I did have the 3 floor dream townhouse with elevator. :-)