Monday, July 28, 2014

*Review* AG Minis VS Pleasant Company Minis - Differences

I love all of my mini dolls, but I am particularly fond of Molly. She is a 1995 Pleasant Company with acrylic eyes. She is the only PC mini doll I have.

In fact, Psst! Don't tell the others, but I am hoping to get more acrylic eyed minis.

In my doll scene posts Molly can look a little small next to the other dolls, but she makes up for it with personality! I wanted to discuss the distinct difference between the AG and PC minis. 

First lets really look at the PC minis.

AG Mini Dolls

Side by side you can see the difference in my PC Molly and AG Emily. The skin tone is different, Molly's nose is thinner and of course Molly's eyes are acrylic with straight lashes while Emily's are painted on with feathered lashes. Also Molly is 6" tall and Emily is 6.5" tall.

The detail in the fingers are non existent on Emily!


Can you believe the differences???

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  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I have a PC Samantha, and Mattel versions of Julie (x 2), Ivy, Felicity, Molly, Ruthie, and Cecile. After seeing the PC Josefina, I'd really like to get her, she's so pretty!