Friday, July 4, 2014

*Liberty Towne Parade!*

Welcome to our 4th of July Celebration!


After the parade, everyone met at Liberty Park where the Mayor made an announcement.

 "Thank you dear friends of Liberty Towne for coming out to our special gathering today." Madame Mayor began.

"Let me say the Towne looks so festive. I would like to honor a few key residents for their hard work on making today possible. Thank you to Kirsten and Nellie for decorating the gazebo and Liberty Park."

 "I would like to acknowledge Nicki for her hard work in organizing our wonderful parade."


"Last, but not least a special thank you to Molly for overseeing this entire event, without her none of this would be possible."  

"Please enjoy your self today. Thank you to Dairy Queen for all of the food. Now let's have more fun!"  

"The line begins here dolls for food." Molly explained.

" Are you sure you can carry all of that on your own?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, my friends are waiting over by the gazebo. Thank you." 

"Your turn Felicity." 

"I think everything was so terrific today." Nellie told Kirsten.

"Yes, I agree."

"Madame Mayor, today was simply wonderful!" Said Kit.

"Oh yes indeed Kit. I think all who were responsible for this event truly outdid them selves."

"I will be sure to report all about it in tomorrow's newspaper."

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