Friday, July 18, 2014

Plant a Tree - Camp Week 7

The dolls tagged along with Julie and Ivy on the trip to the Horticulture Center.

It's Plant a Tree day at camp. Saige and Isabelle found a small shrub to plant.

"That looks like a good spot right over there."

"We should have brought a shovel, my nails will be ruined." Isabelle said.

"Phew! Digging is HARD WORK!"

"What do you think?" Saige asked.
"I hope it lives through winter." Izzy sighed.
This is the last week of camp for the dolls.


  1. Rhonda, do you prefer the painted or glass eyes on the mini dolls?

    1. Acrylic eyes!!! Thanks for asking, I have a post coming up about this very thing.

  2. Cool site. I am getting Izzy on my b-day.