Monday, August 4, 2014

Make Mini Samantha's Bedding

Make Samantha feel at home with her very own white Victorian bedding.

  • White fabric 
  • White felt 
  • Pink ribbon, 1/8" thin (pink yarn optional) 
  • Needle, white thread 
  • White ruffled trim, 1" 
  • Lace trim, 1/4" 
  • Cotton balls

  1. Measure your mini bed (typically 6.5-7" x 4"), cut two pieces of white fabric and one piece of felt to measure. 
  2. Sandwich the felt in-between the fabric, pin in place. 
  3. Pin the ruffled trim to the underside of the fabric sandwich, sew all four layers at the edges. 
  4. Turn it over, sew pink ribbon in rows of three vertically on each side. 
For Pillow
  1. Cut two rectangle pieces of fabric, sew three sides closed. 
  2. Turn right side out, stuff with two cotton balls. 
  3. Sew the open flap closed. 
  4. Sew lace trim around the pillow, add a piece of ribbon.
Finishing touches : Tie ribbons into small bows or knots to secure.

Both Samantha and Nellie's bedding are made from white eyelet. I used three layers of felt for mattresses.

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