Wednesday, August 27, 2014

*NEWS* Mini BEFOREVER Addy First Look

April received her new BEFOREVER Addy and shares photos with us.
I just wanted to share with you my mini Addy who arrived in Australia today (ordered through Book Depository last week).

The characters full name is on the box, and the book is a much thinner paperback compared to the previous quality.

New hairstyle and face, and very glossy hair compared to the previous mini Addy.

My daughter just noticed that mini Addy has a hard plastic body! We are not sure if we like the plastic body- my 5 year old instantly did not like it because she said the dolls would not be cuddly anymore.

And we compared the texture of her hair to the 25th Anniversary Addy-very BIG difference!
The new one also has a larger head.


Thank you April for giving us a first look at BF Addy.


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I do like the face and hair better on this Addy (I may even buy one eventually), but I'm sad they're not stuffed anymore. The body reminds me somewhat of the 70s Knickerbocker Holly Hobbie and Friends dolls (which I have).

  2. The new mini Addy actually looks kinda freaky! That just really stinks that the bodies aren't plush anymore:(

  3. Love the hair but do not like the longer necks, shorter looking arms and vinyl body. I hughly doubt my dd will like it. OG mini dolls look so much better!

  4. That's such a change, and the books...

  5. I like the hair and face better. Like the old stuffed body more.

  6. I like the new hairstyle, but not the new hair. Did they have hair relaxers back in the 1800s when women were still using egg washes for shampoo?

    The earrings bother me. Hoops don't usually show like that - these remind of the spacers a lot of people use to stretch their lobes now. Not pleasant.

    Not sure what to think of the body...if her legs are both the same length and she can stand on her own without too much fuss then I'm a-okay with the new body.

    1. Actually, they did press hair back then w/ hot combs and such to make it straighter. It became popular in Europe in 1870, but I guess it migrated state side. I don't think it's unrealistic to think that Addy's mom might have pressed her hair w/ a hot comb.

    2. Thank you for the information. I learn something new every day. :)

  7. I DO NOT LIKE the new mini dolls. So glad I at least got Molly and Emily. Not to just get MG and hunt for Kaya.

  8. I am heartily disappointed at Mattel for their drastic move to up sales appeal while cheapening the quality of the historic dolls. The mini books alone demo it: cheap paper books instead of the wonderful hard cover mini books with book jackets. The biggest disappointment to me was the switch from Addy's cinnamon pink dress, and her gourd and large scarf to carry it. Her BeForever version wears a fancy blue dress (that blue dress was gifted to her while she escaped... not too likely). And instead of her trusty water holding corked gourd, she has a useless shopping bag. Right. Escaping slaves carried patchwork shopping bags.Who knew? And don't get me started on the new Addy's straight hair.

    On a brighter side, I bought the new BeForever mini Addy doll, who is now Addy's bratty & better off financially schoolmate, Harriet Davis. Harriet Davis to Addy Walker is like Nelly Olson to Laura Ingles; a thorn in our heroine's sides. I suspect there will loads of fun stories to act out, and some nice dresses to make for spoiled Harriet whose mother presses her hair to make it so silky smooth! I now LOVE that Harriet is noticeably taller than poor Addy, who is perhaps a bit short as she had such poor nutrition in her early years. I am so enjoying taking that Mattel lemon and making myself a nice pitcher of lemonade.