Monday, September 1, 2014

Doll Size Props - Resource

I love the details in this etsy shop. You will be sure to find something unique for your dollhouse and dioramas.

About this shop:
 As an adult fashion doll collector, I would like to imagine that if fashion dolls were living in today's world they would be urban recyclers, using natural fibers and reclaimed timbers in their environment. They would be adventurous and eclectic in designing living environments, settings would be harmonious, with natural light and subtle textures, similar to what we use in our own homes.

I believe today's fashion dolls would shop wisely at small business owner boutiques and thrift stores. Tiny boutiques owned by friendly people, are where you find the best prices, especially for fashion doll necessities.



  1. These would be great for mini Kit or Molly.

  2. I know don't you love the camera for Kit??? And the bike for Molly!!