Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mini Dolls by Brand - 6.5" Dawn (1970-73)

Dawn Dolls are 6-1/2" fashion dolls produced by Topper from 1970-1973. Dawn dolls are particularly exquisite in facial molding and painting, and their wardrobes are truly groovy. This site provides information for collectors, as well as plenty of cool photographs of Dawn in her natural environment. 

 Dawn had many friends.

 Angie, Glori, Dale, then Jessica and Longlocks.  

Later they added the Majorettes, the Head-to-Toe dolls, the Model Agency Dolls, and the Dance Party dolls: Fancy Feet and Kevin. 

The original guys - Gary, Van, and Ron.

Topper kept changing the face of Dawn & a couple of her friends as well.  You will see these different looks in my dolls here.  Each of them has a slightly different appearance and a unique "personality" that seems to go with it.  You may also notice that I don't always display my dolls in the original outfits.  Most of the time, I have matched outfits with each doll to try to capture the individual "personality" or "attitude" seen in each face.  For this reason, I actually prefer the loose minty dolls to the packaged ones that I can't touch.
Dawn dolls have many differences.  Some of the body styles are slimmer with smaller looking breasts (not so round) and flatter butts - these are usually the dolls with no green knees.  Even though the dolls with the fuller bodies tend to have more of the green knee problems, I prefer them.  Although I cannot say for sure, I believe that the fuller bodied dolls are the earliest made.  I make this assumption because all of the Model Agency dolls (some of the very latest issued) have the slim bodies, and most of the earliest (still mint in box) dolls are the green kneed ones.  You can tell by the boxes that they were first issue.
There are also some other differences in the dolls as well, such as collar bones on certain body molds, that are explained and pictured in more detail on Alexandria North's site entitled "That '70s Doll" on her collector information page under the Identification section.


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I had a basic Dawn doll when I was little (she went well w/ my Rock Flower doll, hope you'll feature those soon). Julie saw this and yelled "Hey, that's my doll!" Julie got one of these for Chistmas 2 years ago, along w/ some clothes and a comb. (See Easy Bake Oven doll Party, and Christmas 2012 on her blog).

    1. Rock flower doll... Hmm I'm curious. Ok I'll research :-)

  2. I LOVED playing with Dawn and her friends when I was a little girl. I still have some of my original dolls. I remember getting one of the Model Agency dolls when I got my tonsils out in 1972. She is still in great condition! Thanks for all the Dawn info! ~ Maria

    1. Isn't is funny how we remember things from our childhood? You with your tonsils....poor thing.

  3. Is that the actual logo? Ha!
    Now I wonder if "That 70's Show" deliberately copied it, or if it was a coincidence that they are so alike. Had to be deliberate, right?