Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OG Mini Doll Hair

I finally had a little time to spend with the OG Minis. I love these dolls. It's been fun finding new clothes for them and developing a small collection for them to use/wear.

I also took down their hair. I loved seeing the images online. I knew that it couldn't possibly have been intended for them ALL to have ponytails or pigtails. I notice the dolls have middle parts that run along the entire back of the head.

I took Lana and held her scalp under hot water for a few seconds them wrung her hair out in a towel.

It was easy to brush smooth and now it looks so awesome down.

I tried this with Holly, but her hair wouldn't smooth down. It sort of kinked up in back. I decided to restyle her hair in a low ponytail.

I braided Sadie's pigtails.

Sienna's hair is full and lush when let down. 

So is Kendra's beautiful red hair. I repeated the same process as I did with Lana's hair.

 I know the complaint has been that the OG minis look the same in the face. I don't see this as a factor because the AG minis all look the same in the face too, except for Nellie, Ivy, Elizabeth, Julie and Josefina.

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