Monday, October 6, 2014

*On Location* 2014 Miniature Show - Isabelle as Tour Guide

Last year Saige visited the miniatures show.

This year Isabelle shows us around!

This is the door prize for 2014. It's beautiful! See that Victorian doll in pink? She is $400! I entered this raffle and every other door prize/raffle they had. ($1.00 ticket.)

I love this Mexican Restaurant. 

This room is so cute I would love for my mini Kirsten to live here.

Izzy spots Kit's Scooter!

Vendor tables

I didn't see this last year. All of the 1950s diner items for sale.

This hand painted furniture for Kirsten was expensive. $20 for the trunk and $30 for the chest of drawers, prices went up from there.

Cute Halloween and Christmas vignettes!


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