Friday, November 7, 2014

Doll Face! My Vintage MOD Barbies

I love my vintage Barbie dolls! My dolls, (except Midge) are in VERY GOOD condition considering their ages.

1968 Stacie has perfect face paint and real lashes. Her golden locks are full and lush.

1967 Francie Twist N' Turn doll has gorgeous face paint, but her bangs can be a little wild.

1967 Twist n Turn Sun Kissed Barbie beautiful face paint and lashes with fully rooted head of hair. Her hair can be dry.

1970 GROWING UP Skipper - excellent condition.

1965 American Girl Brunette Barbie

This girls head is a bit darker tone than her Midge body, but her face paint and hair are in GREAT condition.

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