Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ken and Allan - Vintage Heart Throbs

My vintage boy Mattel dolls are in great condition. 

Ken is in near perfect condition, he just has a small skuff to his hair (paint)

Allan is unfortunately going "bald" in spots and needs his hair re-painted.

Otherwise he is in great condition.

Allan was Midge Hadley boyfriend, sometime in 1966 the original Allan doll was discontinued.  


  1. Actually, Allan reappeared in 1991 with a mold change and a change to the spelling of his name. He became Alan Sherwood and stayed around long enough to marry Midge. He later reappeared for the 3rd time as part of the Happy Family line of dolls in 2002. There is no current Alan, but I think they should bring him back for Midge in the Dreamhouse series!

    1. I agree. They had children too - 3 kids??? I can't recall.