Saturday, November 1, 2014

Minor Changes - Barbie's House

My Barbie house needs more attention, unfortunately I haven't had the time to devote to this project. I have been making the most out of small moments here and there to add a feature or two. I am actively searching for furniture and plants on my shopping trips to antique stores and  scour ebay.

The bookcase house isn't that deep - 12" to be exact - and that means large furniture pieces are not an option. I found a backdrop of a fireplace and printed it out. It's too short to extend the height of the wall, I will need to print another copy and use a solid piece of the brick to fill in the lower portion.

Temporarily the dolls are using a crate for a coffee table. It is difficult to find vintage furniture and it takes more time than I currently have available to begin making furniture for this living room/kitchen.

Ken has no dresser or nightstand, space is limited in his bedroom too. I made a SIMPLE wall unit using large craft sticks. I have yet to paint and accessorize it. I think it's a good alternative to large bulky furniture piece.

Ah the kitchen! I have no space whatsoever for bulky boxy appliances. I colored then printed out an old appliance ad. The refrigerator is 11" and doesn't hit to the floor. Once I have a table in place, I'm hoping the lower areas will be covered. It is the height of the appliances I am most concerned with. When the dolls stand near them, the scale needs to be right.

More updates as time allows.


  1. I like your printout solutions for your small rooms. Couldn't you resize the photos and print on business size paper? Or even on two pieces of paper and piece them together.

    1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

      I've been wantng to do this w/ Julie's kitchen scene. I'm thinking of of copying the appliances and enlarging them in 2 parts for a full 18" doll size.

    2. Yes ....LOL I don't have legal size paper so I made do. In fact I have since added the lower piece to the fireplace. The appliances are more tricky because they get WIDER when they get LONGER, I already had to trim 1/2" off vertically from the refrigerator. This is a kind of "figure it out" as you go along thing.