Monday, December 29, 2014

*Review* AG GOTY 2014 Isabelle & BF Julie - Comparison

How cute are these two girls??

Here is a quick comparison between BF Julie and GOTY 2014  Isabelle.

Look at the differences in size of the paper back books!

Because of the knit fabric Izzy can wear Julie's clothes pretty easy, while Isabelle's t-shirt is very loose on Julie. 
Both look like sisters or BFFs.


  1. I think BF Julie would be a good match for Isabelle's older sister, Jade.

  2. They look very cute together! Thanks for the great photos Rhonda! :-)
    ~ Maria B.

  3. The new girl are nice and probably they offer more play option to young child (like a jump in the pool) but I believe that the olds one are not only more close to the originals big AG, but that they have a charme of they own with theirs huggable bodies. Of course the new one are cheaper to produce as well as the new books with no hard cover or pictures. It's a shame that, in Europe at least, this new bf are more expensive that their old sisters had be......