Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Only Hearts Club 9" Dolls

The Only Hearts Club Dolls retailed for $15.99. Totally posable with set glass eyes! Each Only Hearts Club Doll has a book available that tells the story of the doll while delivering a positive message about listening to your heart (the books were sold separately). 

The dolls include: Taylor Angelique who loves animals (available in a vet's outfit), Karina Grace who loves music and dance (available in a ballerina outfit), Olivia Hope who loves horses (available in a riding outfit), Briana Joy who loves sports (available in a soccer outfit), Lily Rose who loves the outdoors (available in a hiking outfit) and Anna Sophia who loves to cook (available in a cooking outfit). Additional outfits included pjs and robes, bathing suits, and school and casual clothing. Most outfits retailed for $10.00. 

The dolls have vinyl heads, and soft bodies which have a wire armature which allows for infinite posing possibilities.

You can find these on ebay!


  1. I have also seen these recently at Tuesday Morning. I like the soft pose-able body style. Thanks for the picture to show how they compare with other minis.

    1. The OG mini is actually wearing OHC capris and shirt along with the shoes!