Friday, December 12, 2014

Pocket and Travel Doll Exhibit

Daniela informed me of this Paris Exhibit
EXHIBITION: September 23, 2014 - January 24, 2015

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the museum, two exhibitions are: "Tiny, playful world of dolls pockets" and "snow globes".

For this new exhibition, the museum team puts the fun world under the spotlight of "tiny". This pocket dolls that since the last quarter of the nineteenth century, ruled over an idealized microcosm consisting of houses, rooms, furniture, decorations, clothing and other trinkets that make them fascinating objects now highly collectable.

Pocket dolls appeared on the Western market around 1876, the same time as the first baby articulated. The most sought after models are fully bisque (matt porcelain with two cooking phases), while less expensive specimens were made with a semi-jointed composition body. Essentially French and German bill, these small dolls, which therefore kept in a pocket, became the toy of choice for generations of children between the 1870 war and the 1914 war.

In France, the main miniature doll maker was the porcelain Fran├žois Gaultier, in use until the late nineteenth century.

Its main competitor was the German Simon & Halbig firm who reigned as master on the Western market after the cessation of production in 1899. Gaultier Simon & Halbig invoice The miniatures have had a wider distribution than the Gaultier brand, which explains why it is often found in France.

 This exhibition highlights the entertainment mode that characterizes this type of toy. Around these miniature characters, a multitude of objects to their scale can be met: wardrobes, furniture, accessories, decorations, parts and houses ... It is therefore not just a doll among others, but d a global universe, which reflects the daily life of the Victorian era

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